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RMV Wins Several Awards

The Registry of Motor Vehicles had another successful awards season in 2002, capturing kudos from not only the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA), but also a pair of private companies that look for excellence online.

The RMV won three awards at AAMVA's regional conference in Atlantic City, N.J., this summer. The agency won recognition for its E-Unit, which answers e-mail from customers, its 2001 advertising campaign, which was seen in movie theaters across Massachusetts, and its Director of Information Technology Larry McConnell, who oversaw an overhaul of the agency's information and technology systems.

The Registry is also a finalist in the Stockholm Challenge, which recognizes innovation on the Internet. The RMV Web site at www.massrmv.com is one of about 100 finalists, selected from more than 600 entries.

A Massachusetts Internet company also recognized the RMV for how quickly it responds to e-mails from its customers. Blue Penguin Development found that the Registry of Motor Vehicles responded to customer inquiries faster than dozens of national and regional companies, including Wal-Mart, Target, and the Boston Globe. The RMV clocked in with an average response time of nine minutes, nearly an hour better than the nearest competitor.

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