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Automated Services: 857-368-8010

More services than ever are now available at the Registry of Motor Vehicles toll-free hotline, 857-368-8010. It's all part of the Registry's new push toward self-service. Every person who takes advantage of the services available at 857-368-8010 and at www.massrmv.com is one fewer person waiting in line at a branch.

Customers who call 857-368-8010 can:

  • Renew their registrations. Those who do will not only save themselves a trip to a Registry branch-they'll also save $5 off the cost of their registration, just for doing business over the phone.

  • Book standard (Class D) road tests. Callers must use a touch-tone phone and must have already passed the written learner's permit exam. They should have their driver's license numbers ready.

  • Check wait times at branches across the state. The Registry's state-of-the-art Q-matic ticketing system lets customers who come to the branches know how long they'll be waiting, and now the same technology is available over the phone. The wait times are up-to-the-minute and let customers decide whether they have time for a trip to a branch-before they leave their home or office.

Customers may also complete many common transactions online.Fax on DemandThe Swift Administration has announced another way for people to save time when it comes to the Registry--a self-service system that will fax RMV forms and information sheets with just the press of a button. The "Fax on Demand" service is available on the Registry's automated, toll-free telephone line at 857-368-8010.

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