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RMV Restores Full Service in Southbridge

Registrar Daniel A. Grabauskas today announced plans to restore the Southbridge Registry to a full service branch. "By restoring services in Southbridge, we are saving our customers time and effort," said Registrar Grabauskas. "The additional services will serve the needs of area citizens as well as relieve some of the volume experienced by our Worcester branch; this is a real win-win situation."

The Southbridge branch is currently able to renew driver's licenses, issue duplicate licenses, renew registrations, process license plate returns and limited insurance transactions. After Tuesday, December 19th, the branch will be able to conduct all license, title and registration transactions including: issue out of state conversions; issue new registrations; and there will no longer be a two transaction limit for insurance agents.

The RMV will also be dedicating four additional staffers to Southbridge, raising the total from three to seven.

Southbridge had a full service branch until May 1999, and has been without since then. The expansion of services announced Tuesday remedies that situation.

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