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Check Out The Wait At Your Local Registry Branch

Branch Office Page with Wait Times DisplayedHave to make a trip to the Registry? Find out how long the wait is before you even leave your home or office. Today, the Swift Administration unveiled new, state-of-the art technology that will allow customers to check on how long the wait is -- at any Registry branch from Nantucket to North Adams. This information, which is updated every two minutes, is now available at www.massrmv.com by clicking on Branch Locations & Wait Times.

The new system brings the precision of the Q-matic ticketing systems to the Registry’s website. Q-Matic is a deli-style ticketing system used at all of the branches throughout the state. A Q-matic ticket is issued to customers upon arrival and lets them know the amount of time they may expect to wait, as well as directs them to the proper window for service.

”This is a great tool for anyone having to visit one of our branches,“ said Registrar Dan Grabauskas. ”Now people will know exactly how long they may have to wait so they can juggle getting the kids off to camp or using their lunch hour to have lunch -- not wait at the Registry.“

Personal Data Assistant(PDA) with Wait Times DisplayedWait times at the branches have decreased dramatically. More than two-thirds of our customers now wait less than 10 minutes. Even so, the technology unveiled today allows people to make the choice whether or not they have the time to spend or perhaps if they want to visit when the branch is less busy. The Registry always recommends avoiding Tuesdays after a holiday weekend and lunch times.

”Some Registry branches are busier than others,“ added Grabauskas. ”So, if the wait time may be too long at their local branch, people can make the choice to do business at another time or at another location. Our online branch page also links visitors to the three nearest branches.“

This new Q-matic wait time technology can also be accessed from web-enabled cellular phones and Palm Pilots (or comparable PDA). Massachusetts is the second state to offer wait times on the web and the first to offer wait times via web-enabled cell phones or palm pilots.



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