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Registry Wait Times Now Available Over the Phone

Wait times at Registry of Motor Vehicles branches are now available over the phone, allowing customers to save time by seeing how long it will take to complete their Registry business before they head to a branch.

The new service is made possible by the Registry's state-of-the-art Q-matic ticketing system, which lets customers know about how long they'll be waiting as soon as they arrive at a branch. A similar wait time service is available at the Registry's Web site, www.massrmv.com.

"This is another step toward making a trip to the Registry as easy as possible," said Registrar of Motor Vehicles Dan Grabauskas. "Now, customers can decide whether they have enough time to take care of their Registry business by simply making a quick phone call before they leave their home or office."

Customers can call 1-866-MASSRMV to access the new feature. It supplements the wealth of automated services already available on the Registry's toll-free hotline, where customers can also renew their registrations and book road tests.

Since June, more than 63,000 customers have renewed registrations over the phone, and since electronic road test bookings went online in October, nearly 7,000 customers have used the service to schedule their test. Thanks to the automated service, 70,000 people took care of their Registry business over the past five months without ever setting foot in a branch.


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