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New Driver's Licenses and Identification Cards

Dear RMV Customer:

License PictureThe Registry of Motor Vehicles and Polaroid ID Systems, Inc. (Polaroid) have joined forces to create a new Massachusetts driver's license and identification card. The cards have a new look and feature the latest in identification materials technology to provide more secure and durable cards. Polaroid currently produces licensing and identification systems for 39 other states and is considered a world leader in providing secure identification systems.

The new state-of-the-art security features include: ghost imaging; multiple date of birth placement; security laminate; and barcodes designed to protect against counterfeiting and fraud.

Under 21 License Picture

For the first time in Massachusetts history, the Under 21 license will now be printed vertically rather than the traditional horizontal style. This will allow law enforcement and liquor establishments to easily identify underage persons. In addition to the vertical style, the card will also feature UNDER 21 in bold red lettering and combined with a number of the security features, will prevent fraudulent alteration.

In conjunction with the New England Organ Donor Foundation, the Registry has agreed to prominently place the new red heart organ donor symbol on the front of participating donors' licenses.

The complete brochure offers detailed information about the new standard license and samples of the various other types of identification cards offered. It is intended to serve as a guide for law enforcement, retail establishments and other organizations.

Copies of this brochure can also be downloaded from our website, www.massrmv.com.


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