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Chicopee Location Closes Temporarily

For more than a month the Fairfield Mall in Chicopee has been closed to nearly all business. Only one business has remained inside its hollowed halls, the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles. Unfortunately, the Registry's stay of execution has run out and it too must leave the mall location. However, the Registry is committed to the people of Chicopee and will work diligently with State Senator Michael Knapik, Representatives Joseph Wagner and Christopher Asselin as well as local officials to find a new site.

"The Chicopee Branch closing is a temporary one," said Registrar Daniel A. Grabauskas. "We are looking for locations in the area to continue service as soon as possible."

The Registry in Chicopee remained open as long as it could to serve the people of that region. There was speculation the branch might move into the Bradlees building across the street from the Fairfield Mall, but that too has closed its doors leaving the Registry homeless once again. A new site for the branch is being actively sought out.

The Registry of Motor Vehicles appologizes for any inconvenience this temporary closing may cause.

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