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Swift Administration Introduces Automated Road Test Bookings

Today, the Swift Administration announced that the Registry of Motor Vehicles will now offer customers a faster way to book a standard license (Class D) Road Test.

"We continue to make our services more convenient and user-friendly," said Registrar of Motor Vehicles Dan Grabauskas. "I like the concept of self-services, which has proven to be quite successful with automated automobile registration renewals. I hope our customers take advantage of this system."

After passing the written learner's permit exam, customers can schedule road tests by calling 1-866-MASSRMV (627-7768) -- the Registry's automated, toll-free telephone system. The call must be made from a touch-tone telephone and customers need to have their permit number and date-of-birth in order to process the transaction. The system will automatically search the available appointments based on the region the customer provides via their zip code.

In July, the Registry introduced Renew-by-Phone, which allows customers to renew their automobile registrations from a touch-tone telephone, seven days a week, 24 hours a day. To date, more than 16,000 customers have renewed their registrations by phone.


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