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Registry of Motor Vehicles Expands Internet Services

Registrar Daniel A. GrabauskasFurthering his efforts to reduce lines and improve customer service, Registrar Daniel A. Grabauskas announced today that duplicate Massachusetts driver’s licenses and identification cards are now available over the Internet. This expansion of on-line services allows many customers to avoid a trip to the RMV.

"Our number one objective at the Registry is to reduce wait times and make the entire operation more customer friendly," said Registrar Grabauskas. "More than 10,000 duplicate licenses and IDs are issued per month. If a quarter of those transactions were done over the Internet you would potentially have 30,000 fewer visits to the Registry per year."

Since the Registry went on-line in August 1996 more than 110,000 transactions have been performed, generating almost $5 million dollars in revenue.

Six different transactions are now available over the Registry’s award winning web site, www.massrmv.com. Customers may also renew their registrations, request duplicate registrations, order special plates and pay citations.

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