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Two More Customer Friendly Initiatives From the Registry

Discover Now Accepted - Change Your Address OnlineRMV Customers May Now Change Address On-line and Use Discover Card

Registrar Daniel A. Grabauskas announced today that customers may now change their address on-line and that the Registry will accept the Discover Card for all transactions.

"This is one more example of our commitment to improving customer service at the Registry," said Registrar Grabauskas. "Nearly 500,000 residents change their address each year, if they do this on-line it will further shorten waits on the phones and lines at branches."

Seven different transactions are now available over the Registry’s award winning web site, www.massrmv.com Customers may also get duplicate licenses and Mass. ID’s, pay citations, order special plates and renew or replace registrations on-line.

"Accepting a variety of payment methods is also very important to us." added Registrar Grabauskas. "Giving customers this freedom of choice will make conducting business with us a little bit easier."

Massachusetts law requires an individual to notify the Registry of an address change within thirty days.

The Registry also accepts Mastercard and Visa.


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