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New Disabled Placard Announced

Over the next two years, the RMV will be contacting the estimated 100,000 people in Massachusetts who currently possess a Disabled Placard. This will be done by sending letters that state what you need to do to receive the new style Placard, which will replace the old one. You will not be required to call or come into the RMV to replace your current Placard until contacted by the RMV. Anyone who applies for a Disabled Placard will be issued a new version. There are now Permanent and Temporary Placards available. The Permanent Placard has a 5-year renewal cycle and the Temporary Placard is valid for up to 24 months. The old style Placards will be valid until everyone is transferred to the new system. You must destroy your old style Placard once you receive the new one.

Both the Permanent and Temporary Placards feature:

  1. An identification number, unique to each person who has this document. This number will be listed on the Registry of Motor Vehicles' computer system and may be verified 24 hours a day by authorized users.

  2. A photo image, which has been captured at a Registry of Motor Vehicles branch and will be stored in the computer for future reference.

  3. A hook, so it hangs from the inside rear view mirror (instead of lying flat against the dashboard). Placards must be removed from the rear view mirror before the vehicle is in motion. This is simply a parking permit, not a driving permit.

A parking ticket may be issued ranging from $25 to $100 for illegally parking in a disabled space depending on the local ordinances. Additionally, a citation for a moving violation of $100.00 may be issued for the abuse of the placard. Misuse of the Placard by someone other than the person to whom it was issued is grounds for revocation of the Placard. Subsequent offenses may result in permanent revocation of the Placard. The Registry may also suspend the driver's license of a Placard abuser for 30 days.

For more information about the new Disabled Placard call toll-free 1-888-278-6655.

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