Selected Definitions from M.G.L.A. 90 1 Relating to 5 General Registrations
(Definitions not included here can be found in Section c.90, 1)

The following words used in this chapter shall have the following meanings, unless a different meaning is clearly apparent from the language or context, or unless such construction is inconsistent with the manifest intention of the legislature:

Dealer - any person who is engaged principally and substantially in the business of buying, selling or exchanging motor vehicles or trailers or motor vehicle bodies who maintains a facility dedicated to carrying out said business and, except for a person who exchanges such vehicles on a wholesale basis, is open to the public.

Established place of business - a permanently enclosed premises owned or leased exclusively by a repairman which is open to the general public. Unless said business is limited solely to the towing of motor vehicles or trailers for the public, said repairman shall possess the necessary tools and facilities reasonably necessary to conduct a repair business. If more than one business is located within the same building or structure and the other businesses are not owned or controlled by the same principals, the repair business shall maintain a separate and exclusive entrance.

Farmer - a person substantially engaged in the occupation of farming which shall include, but not be limited to, farming in all its branches, the cultivation and tillage of the soil, dairying, the production, cultivation, growing and harvesting of any agricultural, aquacultural, floricultural or horticultural commodities, the growing and harvesting of forest products upon forest land, the raising of livestock including horses, the keeping of horses as a commercial enterprise, the keeping and raising of poultry, swine, cattle and other domesticated animals used for food purposes, bees, fur-bearing animals, and any forestry or lumbering operations, performed by a farmer engaged in agriculture or farming as herein defined, or on a farm as an incident to or in conjunction with such farming operations including, but not limited to, preparations for market, delivery to storage or to market or to carriers for transportation to market.

Farming - the tillage or use of the soil to raise food for man or beast, the raising of tobacco, or the propagation and growing of trees, shrubs, vines and plants for transplanting and sale.

Manufacturer - any person who is engaged principally and substantially in the business of manufacturing motor vehicles, trailers, motor vehicle bodies or complete mechanical units for excavating or carrying materials and does not incidentally sell used motor vehicles.

Mobile construction crane - any motor vehicle having a construction type crane, including such a motor vehicle which exceeds the dimensional or weight limits imposed by sections nineteen and nineteen A of this chapter or by sections thirty or thirty A of chapter eighty-five.

Motor vehicles - all vehicles constructed and designed for propulsion by power other than muscular power including such vehicles when pulled or towed by another motor vehicle, except railroad and railway cars, vehicles operated by the system known as trolley motor or trackless trolley under chapter one hundred and sixty-three or section ten of chapter five hundred and forty-four of the acts of nineteen hundred and forty-seven, vehicles running only upon rails or tracks, vehicles used for other purposes than the transportation of property and incapable of being driven at a speed exceeding twelve miles per hour and which are used exclusively for the building, repair and maintenance of highways or designed especially for use elsewhere than on the travelled part of ways, wheelchairs owned and operated by invalids and vehicles which are operated or guided by a person on foot; provided, however, that the exception for trackless trolleys provided herein shall not apply to sections seventeen, twenty-one, twenty-four, twenty-four I, twenty-five and twenty-six. The definition of "Motor vehicles" shall not include motorized bicycles. In doubtful cases, the registrar may determine whether or not any particular vehicle is a motor vehicle as herein defined. If he determines that it should be so classified, he may require that it be registered under this chapter, but such determination shall not be admissible as evidence in any action at law arising out of the use or operation of such vehicle previous to such determination.

Owner-contractor - any person who is not a manufacturer, dealer or repairman who owns a fleet of ten or more vehicles, trailers, special mobile equipment, mobile construction cranes or combination thereof, which is used or leased exclusively by him in his principal business and who maintains an establishment with facilities for the repair, alteration or equipment of such vehicles or trailers.

Persons - wherever used in connection with the registration of a motor vehicle, all persons who own or control such vehicles as owners, or for the purpose of sale, or for renting, as agents, salesmen or otherwise.

Registrar - the registrar of motor vehicles.

Repairman - any person who is principally and substantially engaged in the business of repairing, altering, reconditioning, equipping or towing motor vehicles or trailers for the public and who maintains an established place of business, as defined in this section.

Semi-trailer - a trailer so designed and used in combination with a tractor that some part of the weight of such trailer and that of its load rests upon and is carried by, the tractor.

Semi-trailer unit - a motor unit composed of a tractor and a semi-trailer.

Special mobile equipment - a motor vehicle which is principally designed to conduct excavations or lift building materials at a public or private construction site and is operated on a way for the sole purpose of transportation to or from said construction site and has a gross vehicle weight of at least twelve thousand pounds. This definition shall not include a motor vehicle which is designed to carry passengers, or any load, on a way.

Tractor - a motor vehicle with or without a carrying capacity of its own but which is primarily designed and used for drawing another vehicle or for industrial or agricultural purposes.

Trailer - any vehicle or object on wheels and having no motive power of its own, but which is drawn by, or used in combination with, a motor vehicle. It shall not include a pole dolly or pole dickey, so called, nor a pair of wheels commonly used as an implement for other purposes than transportation, nor a portable, collapsible or separate two wheel tow dolly limited only to the purpose of transporting or towing a registered vehicle, nor farm machinery or implements when used in connection with the operation of a farm or estate, nor any vehicle when towed behind a farm tractor and used in connection with the operation of a farm or estate.

Transporter - any person principally and substantially engaged in the business of transporting or delivering motor vehicles under their own power not owned by him and who possesses a valid license for said business issued by the Department of Public Utilities, or any person or agent thereof, licensed to engage in the business of financing the purchase of or insuring motor vehicles who is required to take into possession such motor vehicles by foreclosure or subrogation of title.

(Current as of March 23, 2007)

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