Arthritis Disease Policy Statement

As of June 2004:

For the purpose of this standard, "physician" is defined as "a medical doctor who is licensed to practice in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts."

For the purpose of this standard, "self-care" is defined as "the ability to perform the functions of daily living and of survival, such as feeding oneself, toilet functions, bathing, dressing, and so on.

The Registrar, or his designee, may require such additional evidence of the applicant or licensee's medical qualification criteria as he deems appropriate, or may modify these standards as an individual case may require.

Arthritis Disease Standard

  1. So that an evaluation of safe driving ability can be made, any licensee or applicant for a learner's permit or license, who is medically determined to have an arthritis condition which renders that individual unable to perform self care will be required to submit the following information from his or her physician to the Registry's Medical Affairs Branch:
    1. a written statement describing the status of the individual's arthritis condition; and
    2. accompanying symptomatology; and
    3. a list of medications and dosages; and
    4. a certification that, to a reasonable degree of medical certainty, the individual is medically qualified to operate a motor vehicle safely and the individual's medications and dosages will not interfere with the safe operation of a motor vehicle.
  2. The Registry's Medical Advisory Board has determined that individuals who suffer from an arthritis condition so severe as to prevent them from performing self care may be functionally unable to operate a motor vehicle safely and therefore require an individual assessment of their operating ability in the form of a medical certification from a physician

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