Amending Information

If you have moved, changed your name or any other information, you must notify the RMV promptly.


The fee to amend a restriction (add/remove an eye glass restriction, etc.,.) and receive a corrected license is $25.00. Any other changes where a new a new license is issued will result in a $25.00 fee. To correct information (address only), and not receive a new license, there is no fee.

Changing your Name

You must report a change of name to the RMV promptly so all your records will reflect this change.

Documentation Requirements

You may change your name with no documentation as long as there is no attempt to defraud.

You must go to a  full service RMV branch office to have a new photo and signature captured.

Changing your Address

The law requires that you notify the RMV of an address change within thirty (30) days of moving. You may do this by telephone, in person, or online.

By Telephone

Call the Contact Center. The representative will change your address on our system. You will have the choice of either attaching a change of address label to your license for no fee or paying $25.00 to have an amended license sent to you. Note, you must have a photo-image license for this option.

In Person

If you require a license that reflects your new address, you must go to a full service RMV branch office to have a new photo-imaging license issued. The fee is $25.00.



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