Health insurance is now required in Massachusetts

Health insurance is now required in Massachusetts. The law requires residents 18 and older to have coverage.

Information about how to obtain health insurance can be found on the Commonwealth Health Connector website at

Health Care Reform in Massachusetts promotes shared responsibility for a healthier state.  Government, employers and citizens all have a part in this first-in-the-nation effort to expand health coverage. It’s already worked to insure thousands of Massachusetts residents.

The penalty phase of the law is now in effect. Adults must enroll in a plan or qualify for an exemption if they want to avoid a tax penalty.

Penalties are assessed through the annual state income tax filing process. In other words, penalties will be applied when people file their annual state income tax forms.

The penalties for the 2008 tax year will add up for each month that you don’t have coverage, and could be as much as $912 for the year if you are 26 or older and don’t qualify for subsidized care.  There are allowances for people who are in a waiting period for insurance coverage. A summary of penalties and FAQ’s appear on the Department of Revenue’s website,

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