Electronic Vehicle Registration (EVR) Implementation Process

Ten Steps to Expanded Value-Added Service

  1. Applicant contacts (or is contacted by) Service Provider; Information packet distributed, program details explained
  2. Applicant completes all paperwork and contract; Services Provider schedules Permit Review Session
  3. Principal attends Permit Review Session: Hosted by RMV. (8 to 10 weeks prior to installation)
  4. On-site visits by Service Provider and RMV (6 to 8 weeks prior to installation)
  5. End-users attend Paperwork Workshop: Hosted by RMV (4 to 6 weeks prior to installation)
  6. End-users attend Training Day 1: RMV Policies and Procedures(1 to 2 weeks prior to installation)
  7. End-users attend Training Day 2: Service Provider Hands-on
  8. On-site Installation (On-line transactions begin!)
  9. RMV Site Inspection (Within 1 week after installation)
  10. Ongoing Support

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