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On-board Transit Signal Priority

Equipment Package: On-board Transit Signal Priority

Description: This on-board equipment package provides the capability for transit vehicles to request signal priority at signalized intersections, ramps, and interchanges through short range communication directly with traffic control equipment at the roadside.
Included In: BRTA Fixed Route Transit Vehicles
FRTA Fixed Route Transit Vehicles
Local Transit Vehicles
PVTA Fixed Route Transit Vehicles
Functional Requirements 1 - The transit vehicle shall determine the schedule deviation and estimated times of arrival (ETA) at transit stops.
2 - The transit vehicle shall send priority requests to traffic signal controllers at intersections, pedestrian crossings, and multimodal crossings on the roads (surface streets) and freeway (ramp controls) network that enable a transit vehicle schedule deviation to be corrected.
3 - The transit vehicle shall send the schedule deviation data and status of priority requests to the transit vehicle operator and provide the capability for the transit vehicle operator to control the priority system.
4 - The transit vehicle shall prevent a priority request from being sent when the transit vehicle cannot use the priority (e.g., when the transit vehicle makes a passenger stop on the approach to an intersection).
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