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Mayday Support

Equipment Package: Mayday Support

Description: This equipment package receives Mayday messages from vehicles or personal handheld devices, determines an appropriate response, and either uses internal resources or contacts a local agency to provide that response. The nature of the emergency is determined based on the information in the mayday message as well as other inputs. This package effectively serves as an interface between automated mobile mayday systems and the local public safety answering point for messages which require a public safety response.
Included In: MSP Wireless Call Center (Northampton)
Functional Requirements 1 - The center shall collect mayday messages from vehicles and drivers.
2 - The center shall collect mayday messages from travelers via personal handheld devices.
3 - The center shall acknowledge the request for emergency assistance, whether originated by the driver, automatically by the vehicle's safety systems, or by a traveler via a personal handheld device.
4 - After the mayday becomes a verified incident, the center shall determine the appropriate response to the mayday message.
5 - The center shall determine whether the mayday message indicates an emergency that requires the attention of public safety agencies, and forward mayday emergency data to the appropriate agency as necessary.
6 - The center shall support the activation of remote controlled functions requested by a vehicle, such as requests to unlock doors.
7 - The center shall request additional emergency details from or issue commands to the vehicle's security systems or vehicle driver if needed.
8 - The center shall maintain a log of all mayday signals received from vehicles.
9 - The center shall provide all mayday data to center personnel and respond to the vehicle, driver, or traveler using the portable handheld device as directed by the personnel.
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