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Emergency Dispatch

Equipment Package: Emergency Dispatch

Description: This equipment package tracks the location and status of emergency vehicles and dispatches these vehicles to incidents. Pertinent incident information is gathered from the public and other public safety agencies (see the Emergency Call-Taking equipment package) and relayed to the responding units. Incident status and the status of the responding units is tracked so that additional units can be dispatched and/or unit status can be returned to available when the incident is cleared and closed.
Included In: City/Town/County Emergency Management Center
City/Town/County Public Safety Dispatch
MassDOT - Highway Division District Offices / DTOC
MassDOT - Highway Division HOC
MEMA Operations Center (St)
MEMA Region III Headquarters
MSP Headquarters (St)
MSP Troop B (Northampton)
MSP Troop E (Turnpike)
Functional Requirements 1 - The center shall dispatch emergency vehicles to respond to verified emergencies under center personnel control.
2 - The center shall store the current status of all emergency vehicles available for dispatch and those that have been dispatched.
3 - The center shall relay location and incident details to the responding vehicles.
4 - The center shall track the location and status of emergency vehicles responding to an emergency based on information from the emergency vehicle.
5 - The center shall store and maintain the emergency service responses in an action log.
6 - The center shall provide the capability for digitized map data to act as the background to the information presented to the emergency system operator.
7 - The center shall receive traffic images to support dispatch of emergency vehicles.
8 - The center shall provide the capability to request remote control of traffic surveillance devices
9 - The center shall coordinate response to incidents with other Emergency Management centers to ensure appropriate resources are dispatched and utilized.
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