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PVTA Transit Operators Dispatch Centers

ITS Element: PVTA Transit Operators Dispatch Centers

Description: Represents the various dispatch centers operating under the PVTA umbrella. Includes fixed route, demand response and paratransit dispatch functions for PVTA. Currently 7 dispatch centers.
Status: Existing
Stakeholder: PVTA - Pioneer Valley Transit Authority
Mapping: Emergency Management
Transit Management
Other Emergency Management
Other Transit Management


Context Diagram

Amtrak Operations
City/Town/County Public Safety Dispatch
Private Surface Transportation Provider Dispatch
PVTA Call Boxes
PVTA Demand Response Vehicles
PVTA Fixed Route Transit Vehicles
PVTA Maintenance Facility
PVTA Transit Dispatch
Rail Operations Centers
Regional/ Municipal Airports
Market Packages: APTS01 - Transit Vehicle Tracking - PVTA
APTS02 - Transit Fixed-Route Operations - PVTA
APTS05 - Transit Security - Fixed Route (2 of 3)
APTS06 - Transit Fleet Management - PVTA
APTS07 - Multi-modal Coordination - Transit Coordination
APTS07 - Multi-modal Coordination - PVTA
APTS08 - Transit Traveler Information - PVTA (1 of 2)
APTS09 - Transit Signal Priority - PVTA (1 of 2)
APTS10 - Transit Passenger Counting - PVTA
Functional Requirements:

Transit Center Fixed-Route Operations

Transit Center Information Services

Transit Center Multi-Modal Coordination

Transit Center Paratransit Operations

Transit Center Security

Transit Center Vehicle Tracking

Transit Garage Maintenance

Transit Vehicle Operator Assignment

Center Secure Area Surveillance

Center Secure Area Sensor Management

Center Secure Area Alarm Support

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