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Systems Engineering Analysis Requirements

The FHWA Rule and FTA Policy require that all ITS projects be based on a systems engineering analysis. The analysis should be on a scale commensurate with the project scope, meaning that the more complex the project, the more complex the analysis. The Rule and Policy define the requirements for this systems engineering analysis, at a minimum, as the execution of the following seven elements:

  1. Identification of portions of the regional ITS architecture being implemented – Show where in the Regional ITS Architecture the project’s ITS systems are identified.
  2. Identification of participating agencies roles and responsibilities – The specific agency roles and responsibilities for developing, deploying, and operating each ITS component. This is a refinement of the operational concepts in the Regional ITS Architecture.
  3. Requirements definitions – What each ITS system needs to do (as opposed to how it is done)
  4. Analysis of alternative system configurations and technology options to meet requirements – Are there different ways that the ITS elements can be implemented or the information flows carried out to achieve the same goals? What are the costs, risks, and benefits of these other options?
  5. Procurement options – How will the systems be paid for, purchased, and maintained? What options are available?
  6. Identification of applicable ITS standards and testing procedures – This is a refinement and update of the standards identified in the regional ITS architecture.
  7. Procedures and resources necessary for operations and management of the system – These are the rules that will be used to operate and manage the project’s ITS elements.

Transportation engineering projects involving the application of advanced technology typically undergo a comprehensive systems engineering analysis as a matter of course. A traditional systems engineering process will have more activities than just the ones included above. However, the above list indicates the subset of activities that will meet the federal ITS requirements.


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