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Is Your Project an ITS Project?

An ITS project, as defined in the FHWA Rule and FTA Policy, is “any project that in whole or in part funds the acquisition of technologies or systems of technologies that provide or significantly contribute to the provision of one or more ITS user services as defined in the National ITS Architecture.” Examples of user services include Traffic Control, Incident Management, Public Transportation Management, Pre-trip Travel Information, Emergency Vehicle Management, and Maintenance and Construction Operations. Click here for a full list of user services from the National ITS Architecture. Essentially, an ITS project is any project that includes ITS technologies (i.e. advanced information processing, communications, sensing, or control technologies) and that has the potential to be integrated with other systems.

Examples of ITS projects include interconnecting traffic signals, transit signal priority systems, traffic signal control software, variable message signs, closed-circuit television cameras, electronic fare payment systems, and automatic passenger counters. It is important to note, however, that a project does not have to be exclusively concerned with ITS to be subject to the federal requirements. A project that has any ITS components, such as a roadway widening project that includes the installation of CCTV cameras, is considered an “ITS Project” for the purposes of the federal requirements.


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