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The Regional ITS Architecture resulted from the consensus input of a diverse set of stakeholders, encompassing traffic, transit, public safety, and many other operating agencies at local, state, and national levels. It includes both public and private sectors and spans the organizations that manage, support, or are impacted by the surface transportation system, with particular focus on agencies that operate transportation systems in the region.

Amtrak Provides national rail passenger transportation service in the major intercity travel markets of the United States. Relevant operations for grade crossings and associated wayside equipment are covered by the Rail Operator stakeholder.
Central Massachusetts Convention and Visitors Bureau The Regional Tourism Council (RTC) for Central Massachusetts. One of the 13 RTCs in Massachusetts responsible for regional advertising, public relations, brochures, and other marketing initiatives.
City of Fitchburg Departments of the City of Fitchburg.
City of Gardner Departments of the City of Gardner.
City of Leominster Departments of the City of Leominster.
City of Worcester Departments of the City of Worcester.
CMRPC - Central Massachusetts Regional Planning Commission The Regional Planning Agency (RPA) serving Central and Southern Worcester County. One of the 13 RPAs in Massachusetts.
CVO Information Requestor Represents authorized individuals and organizations querying the State's Commercial Vehicle Information Exchange Window (CVIEW) or credentialing systems.
Financial Institution Banks involved in the transfer of funds for toll and fare collection as well as for other fee based transportation services.
Hospitals Hospital/trauma centers in the region.
Local City/Town Departments of local cities/towns. Note that Local City/Town/County Public Safety appears as a separate stakeholder.
Local City/Town/County Public Safety City/town/county agencies responsible for emergency coordination, including police, fire, and EMS departments.
Local Media Print and Broadcast Media (newspaper, radio, television) information providers.
Local Transit Agencies Local transit agencies and shuttle services (public or private) within the region that are not explicitly called out in this architecture.
Local/Regional School Districts Independent school systems (including public schools) throughout the region.
MART - Montachusett Regional Transit Authority The Regional Transit Authority (RTA) serving 18 communities in the Montachusett region. One of the 16 transit authorities in Massachusetts.
MART Integrated Traveler Services Web-based coordinated transportation and mobility management system.
MassDOT - Highway Division The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) is a merger of the Executive Office of Transportation and Public Works (EOT) and its divisions with the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority (MTA), the Massachusetts Highway Department (MHD), the Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV), the Massachusetts Aeronautics Commission (MAC), and the Tobin Bridge, currently owned and operated by the Massachusetts Port Authority (MPA). In addition, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) and Regional Transit Authorities (RTA) are subject to oversight by MassDOT. MassDOT will also assume responsibility for many of the bridges and parkways currently operated by the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR). The Highway Division is one of four divisions.
MassDOT - Office of Transportation Planning The Office of Transportation Planning (OTP) serves as the principal source of planning for statewide transportation. OTP works with the Regional Planning Agencies, developing a coordinated intermodal transportation plan that includes the improvement projects of all MassDOT Divisions.
MassDOT - Registry of Motor Vehicles Division Division of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) responsible for the issuance of driver and vehicle credentials for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, as well as an archive of various driver-related information, including crash records.
MBTA - Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) provides mass transit to the 175 communities within its service area. These services include rapid transit, commuter rail, buses, paratransit, and commuter boats, along with associated station and parking facilities. One of the 16 Regional Transit Authorities (RTA) in Massachusetts.
MEMA - Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency MEMA, a member of the Executive Branch of Government within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, is responsible for the coordination of Federal, State, local, volunteer, and private resources during disasters and emergencies. MEMA has headquarters in Framingham and four regional offices across the state.
MRPC - Montachusett Regional Planning Commission The Regional Planning Agency (RPA) for the Montachusett region, serving 23 communities in northern Worcester County. One of the 13 RPAs in Massachusetts.
MSP - Massachusetts State Police The Massachusetts State Police is the statewide law enforcement agency for the Commonwealth.
NOAA - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration The National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration is the parent agency of the National Weather Service.
Other Commercial Vehicle Administration Services Represents other state and federal commercial vehicle administration systems, such as SAFER/PRISM.
Other Toll Agencies Agencies that manage other toll collection systems in adjoining regions.
Private Motor Carriers Private freight trucking companies.
Private Surface Transportation Providers Operators providing private surface transportation, such as taxis, limos, commuter and intercity buses, ferries, water taxis, etc.
Private Traveler Information Service Providers Local, regional, and national private Traveler Information Service Providers.
Private Weather Service Provider Private providers of surface transportation weather information.
Rail Operators Passenger and freight rail operators (Amtrak, Pan Am Systems, CSX, etc.) with at-grade crossings.
Regional Event Promoters Special event promoters and venues responsible for event information in the region.
Regional Fare Card Agencies Future association of regional transit and transportation agencies sharing an interoperable regional fare card.
Town of Auburn Departments of the Town of Auburn.
Town of Lunenburg Departments of the Town of Lunenburg.
Travelers Traveling public accessing various modes of transportation, including surface street, air, rail/transit, water, and non-motorized.
WRTA - Worcester Regional Transit Authority The Regional Transit Authority (RTA) serving the City of Worcester and 34 surrounding communities. One of the 16 transit authorities in Massachusetts.
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