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Vehicle Trip Planning and Route Guidance

Equipment Package: Vehicle Trip Planning and Route Guidance

Description: This equipment package includes the in-vehicle system that coordinates with a traveler information center to provide a personalized trip plan to the driver. The trip plan is calculated by the Information Service Provider based on preferences and constraints supplied by the driver and provided to the driver for confirmation. Reservations and advanced payment may also be processed by this equipment package to confirm the trip plan. Coordination with the Information Service Provider may continue during the trip so that the route plan can be modified to account for new information. Many equipment configurations are possible including in-vehicle systems that provide a basic trip plan to the driver as well as more sophisticated systems that can provide turn by turn guidance to the driver along the route.
Included In: Private Vehicles
Functional Requirements 1 - The vehicle shall provide the capability for a driver to request and confirm multi-modal route guidance from a specified source to a destination.
2 - The vehicle shall forward the request for route guidance to a traveler information center for route calculation.
3 - The vehicle shall forward user preferences, background information, constraints, and payment information to the supplying traveler information center.
4 - The vehicle shall present information to the driver in audible or visual forms without impairing the driver's ability to control the vehicle in a safe manner.
5 - The vehicle shall support an interface with a map update provider, or other appropriate data sources, through which updates of digitized map data can be obtained and used for route guidance.
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