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Fleet Administration

Equipment Package: Fleet Administration

Description: This equipment package provides vehicle tracking, dispatch, and reporting capabilities to fleet management center personnel. It gathers current road conditions and traffic information, prepares vehicle routes, and provides a fleet interface for toll collection. It also provides route plan information for network performance evaluation. As part of the tracking function, this equipment package monitors commercial vehicle location, compares it against the known route and notifies the Emergency Management Subsystem and Fleet-Freight Manager of any deviations, including HAZMAT route restriction violations. This equipment package supports pre-hiring checks for potential drivers and monitors the performance of each driver who is hired. It also supports ongoing monitoring of the company’s safety performance.
Included In: Private Motor Carriers Managers
Functional Requirements 1 - The center shall send data concerning enrollment of commercial vehicles for electronic clearance and tax filing to the appropriate commercial vehicle administration center. The data may include driver and vehicle identification, safety inspections/status, carrier credentials, related citations, and accident information.
2 - The center shall obtain and manage commercial vehicle routes for its fleet of vehicles, taking into account route restrictions, advance payment of tolls, HAZMAT restrictions, current traffic and road conditions, and incident information provided by traveler information systems.
3 - The center shall support an interface with a map update provider, or other appropriate data sources, through which updates of digitized map data can be obtained and used as the background for commercial vehicle fleet administration - includes commercial vehicle specific data such as route or HAZMAT restrictions.
4 - The center shall monitor the locations and progress of commercial vehicles against their planned routes and raise appropriate warnings based on route monitoring parameters.
5 - The center shall coordinate the response to security incidents and the sharing of security threat information involving commercial vehicles with other agencies including emergency management centers and alerting/advisory systems.
6 - The center shall access driver records from the appropriate commercial vehicle administration center and use the records to support pre-hiring checks for potential drivers and monitor the performance of each driver who is hired.
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