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Parking Data Collection

Equipment Package: Parking Data Collection

Description: This equipment package collects and stores parking information that is collected in the course of parking system operations performed by the Parking Management Subsystem. This data can be used directly by operations personnel or it can be made available to other data users and archives in the region.
Included In: BAT Parking Management System
BTD Parking Management System
CATA Parking Management System
GATRA Parking Management System
LRTA Parking Management System
Massport Logan Parking Management System
Functional Requirements 1 - The parking element shall collect parking management data including lot usage and charging information.
2 - The parking element shall assign quality control metrics and meta-data to be stored along with the data. Meta-data may include attributes that describe the source and quality of the data and the conditions surrounding the collection of the data.
3 - The parking element shall receive and respond to requests from ITS Archives for either a catalog of the parking management data or for the data itself.
4 - The parking element shall be able to produce sample products of the data available.
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