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Projects with multiple locations not shown on map:
ProjectIDProject TypeDescriptionProject Cost
200004MBTA - Enhanced Bicycle Parking FacilitiesEnhanced Bicycle Parking Facilities (D04)$4,803,250.00
200005MBTA - The RIDE Vehicles The RIDE Vehicles (D05)$5,500,000.00
200006MBTA - MBTA Systemwide FencingMBTA Systemwide Fencing (D06)$3,800,000.00
200009MBTA - Double Track - Fitchburg LineDouble Track - Fitchburg Line (D09)$39,810,000.00
200010MBTA - Hybrid Bus ProcurementHybrid Bus Procurement (D10)$30,700,000.00
200014MBTA - MBTA Tunnel SignageMBTA Tunnel Signage (D14)$6,708,000.00
200015MBTA - Commuter Rail Facility ImprovementsCommuter Rail Facilities (D15)$8,000,000.00
200017MBTA - Fitchburg Line - Interlocking ProjectFitchburg Line - Interlocking Project (D17)$10,185,000.00
200018MBTA - Commuter Rail - Bridge Projects Commuter Rail - Bridge Projects (D18)$3,000,000.00
200020MBTAMBTA Operating Assistance$18,067,444.00
200021MBTAOrient Heights Track and Special Trackwork Reconstruction$19,000,000.00
200022MBTAEmergency Station Lighting Program$1,500,000.00
200023MBTASubstation Control Battery Set Replacement program (Phase 2)$3,200,000.00
200024MBTATunnel Dewatering Pump Station Rehabilitation Program$2,307,556.00
200028MBTAMBTA Transit Flex (Key Bus Routes)$10,000,000.00