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Bicycle Transportation

The Bay State Greenway (BSG) is the Massachusetts Department of Transportation’s proposed long-distance bicycle transportation network. A central recommendation of the 2008 Massachusetts Bicycle Transportation Plan, the BSG is a seven-corridor, 788-mile network of bicycle routes that comprise both off-road and on-road bicycle facilities. This corridor network is also supported by secondary on- and off-road routes.

The BSG routing was selected in order to maximize both bicycle transportation and recreational.  It connects the urbanized areas with the greatest density of trip-making activity and rail transit stations.   The corridors also increases the connectivity of existing  and planned shared-use paths.  The BSG plan includes opportunities for immediate implementation by identifying bicycle-compatible on-road routes, including many state highways with wide shoulders, with future connections on proposed off-road shared-use paths.  These facilities will be linked by route identification signs, placed with enough frequency to assist with navigation. 

The BSG as a whole includes approximately 152 miles of existing shared-use paths, along with 300 additional miles of proposed shared-use paths. Because this is such a large amount of new shared-use paths, MassDOT has identified the highest priority shared-use path projects: 100 miles of new paths that would make connections to urban centers, extend existing paths, and maximize the transportation network. These projects are the BSG Priority 100.

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