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Healthy TransportationPhoto of MassCleanDiesel event at Paul Revere Innovation School in Revere

How we travel has a significant impact on public health. MassDOT supports improved public health by taking the transportation system's effects on air quality, levels of physical activity, and safety into account in decision-making.

MassDOT's Healthy Transportation Policy Directive and Healthy Transportation Engineering Directive build upon our commitment to multi-modal accommodation, and help to guide MassDOT’s support for walking and bicycling in our planning and project design.

In collaboration with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and Bureau of Environmental Health, a pilot Health Impact Assessment was conducted for the Grounding McGrath Transportation Study. Since then, MassDOT has incorporated health impact assessment requirements as a regular component of our corridor planning studies.

As MassDOT promotes walking and bicycling as healthy, active travel choices, it is essential that we ensure the safety of all road users in particular those users -- pedestrians and bicyclists -- who are most vulnerable to injuries from collisions. In April 2014, the Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Awareness Campaign was launched to reduce the number of crashes involving pedestrians and bicyclists. The Commonwealth’s Safe Routes to School program promotes healthy and safe travel for children going to and from school.

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