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The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) Office of Transportation Planning coordinates the planning for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) for the Commonwealth.  In that capacity, one of the initiatives is the establishment of a robust and comprehensive ITS planning process and the development of a Statewide ITS Strategic Plan.

Statewide Intelligent Transportation Systems Strategic Plan

The Statewide Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Strategic Plan, completed in 2013, is helping the Commonwealth achieve its vision for the Statewide ITS Program, which is to enhance public safety, increase mobility, support economic competitiveness, and promote sustainability through comprehensive and coordinated application of technology to the transportation sector. The objectives of this long-range initiative are: to plan, develop, program and communicate strategies for the development and deployment of a broad-based ITS program for the Commonwealth. The ITS Strategic Plan supports, enables, and enhances a seamless multimodal transportation system; promotes safety and security; ensures the competitive position of the Commonwealth in regional, national, and international markets; and enhances social, environmental and quality of life factors for the Commonwealth's residents and visitors. The ITS Strategic Plan fully engages the range of the Commonwealth's transportation stakeholders, and builds consensus for the Statewide ITS Program.

Statewide Intelligent Transportation Systems Action Plan

Based on the four goals and objectives established in the Strategic Plan, forty-six strategies were developed to serve as the roadmap for meeting the Plan’s mission. The strategies have been refined into tangible actions plans, which identify lead agencies, key stakeholders, time frames, costs and the expected outputs that will result from implementing the actions. The details contained in this Action Plan provide the basis for the implementation process, and the level of effort that will be required to execute the forty-six strategies.

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