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Freight Plan

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation has conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the Commonwealth's freight transportation system its operations, and effect on economic development and quality of life. The State Freight Plan is multi-modal (includes air, rail, truck and maritime transport) and intermodal (transportation by more than one mode, e.g. truck and rail) in its scope, analysis, and Freight loading from a shiprecommendations.

Study Goals and Objectives

The goals have been developed to frame the key issues to be addressed in the State Freight Plan. These goals were refined with input from a Working Group and stakeholders and used to identify a set of study objectives for each transportation mode and help shape evaluation criteria.

Preliminary goals are:

  • Capacity and Operations: Ensure adequate capacity and operational efficiency of the freight system in Massachusetts.
  • Economic Development: Support development and a healthy economy through informed investment in the freight system.
  • Environmental and Quality of Life: Ensure that improvements to the freight system do not negatively impact the environment and help improve the quality of life for Massachusetts residents.
  • Safety and Security: Enhance the safety and security of the freight transportation system in all modes.
  • Policy and Decision-making: Provide tools and information to state decision-makers to make informed choices about investment in the freight system in the current transportation funding environment.

Study Outcome

The final outcome of the Plan is a set of findings and recommendations based on a high-level overview of the current and projected key issues facing the freight industry in Massachusetts.

FINAL Massachusetts State Freight Plan
is now available! (PDF - 12.9 MB)

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