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State Research and Technology Transfer 


State Transportation Research and Technology Transfer Activities can range from support services for technology transfer to state agencies and municipalities, and small-scale projects of less than one year duration to relatively large-scale multi-year research projects on complex problems that require technical assistance from outside resources. 

The primary method of conducting research is through research contracts with universities (both private and public), consultants, and other government agencies.  Current research activities address key problems and issues in the areas of policy, management, safety, environment, planning, engineering, construction, operations, and maintenance as those areas relate to the Commonwealth’s responsibilities for the state highway, public transportation and inter-modal transportation systems. 

The Baystate Roads (BSR) program is one technology transfer program and is the Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) in Massachusetts.  The BSR Program is a conduit for information transfer on technologies, best practices and methodologies for operating, maintaining and managing municipal Departments of Public Works and Highway Departments throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  The Program also serves as an efficient communications network, by which MassDOT transfers policy information, engineering directives and other updates to the 351 municipalities in the Commonwealth.


Note: information for “On-going Research” and “Completed Research” will be coming soon.



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