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Springtime State House PhotoAlthough not required as part of the federal transportation planning process, statewide transportation planning is a valuable tool to help the Commonwealth articulate and reach its long-term transportation goals. Every few years, MassDOT undertakes a statewide transportation planning process, which includes both outreach to the public and internal analysis.

Typically, statewide transportation plans will review the mission and vision of the agency, agency policies and their connections to programs and projects, the condition and need of agency-owned and managed infrastructure, and the sources and uses of transportation funding. Statewide plans will often identify major proposals for transportation projects, as well as important corridors for future growth and development.

Statewide transportation plans are grounded on thoughtful public involvement, and will generally gather public input at the outset, mid-point, and end of the planning process. Statewide plans also include collaboration with the Metropolitan Planning Organizations, Regional Planning Agencies, transportation interest groups, and other relevant stakeholders.

The current statewide transportation planning process underway at MassDOT is the WeMove Massachusetts initiative. Please visit the site for more information and to get involved.

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