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In order to obtain the goal of 15,000 completed, usable responses, over 25,000 households were recruited for this survey. With a general reluctance of many people to participate in surveys (especially for extensive personal information), combined with the technology available to avoid or ignore such requests (caller ID, answering machines), MassDOT contractors ultimately needed to place over 270,000 phone calls! This figure would have been even higher if not for notifying most households ahead of time that the survey was taking place. Households received a brochure by mail highlighting the importance of the survey and asking for participation.

In order to have the survey population represent the demographic characteristics of the entire Massachusetts population as closely as possible, a detailed household questionnaire was used during the recruitment process. This helped to track the types of respondents available to complete the travel diaries. As the survey continued over multiple months, the questionnaire was used to ensure that no single population group (by age, race, income, etc.) was substantially over or underrepresented in the survey.

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