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The Local Highway Finance Report (form FHWA-536) is a Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) report identifying the receipts and expenditures of local governments for highway purposes. The data reported on the form is used for statistical purposes at the National and State levels to infer relationships in expenditure and investment patterns and to determine financial trends essential in the development of transportation policies and programs. The data is used to estimate highway needs and to develop appropriate future Federal and State responsibilities and funding levels for highway transportation. The information reported is summarized into a series of national tables that are used by public and private sector policy makers including all levels of government, business firms, research groups, trade associations, universities, and other interested groups and individuals. This form also provides information on four main areas of local highway finance: (1) disposition of highway-user revenues; (2) revenues used for roads and streets, identified by source and type of funds; (3) road and street expenditures identified by purpose or activity; and (4) local highway debt status.

Every two years, on the odd numbered year, the FHWA requires states to report highway funding and expenditures by local governments. To assist the Massachusetts Department of Transportation in completing this requirement, we request that every municipality in Massachusetts submit the FHWA-536 report. Please click on the link below to download the form. Thank you for your cooperation.

DOWNLOAD 536-13-Form_distributed.pdf (113 KB)

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