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Road Inventory Year-end Report

This report summarizes the Road Inventory mileage by functional classification, jurisdiction, and Federal-Aid eligibility. The report contains both the centerline and lane mile summary reports.

Bicycle Inventory Report

This report contains selected 2011 year-end statistics from the Massachusetts Bicycle Facility Inventory (BFI) file. The BFI file, is the name of a continuing data development effort carried out by the Office of Transportation Planning at the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) to create a database of bicycle information usable in a geographic information system (GIS) for map production, reporting, and analysis.

Local Highway Finance Report

The Local Highway Finance Report (form FHWA-536) is a Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) report identifying the receipts and expenditures of local governments for highway purposes.

Household Travel Survey

The Massachusetts Travel Survey (MTS) was a large-scale effort that collected information on residents' travel patterns, preferences, and behavior to help build a fuller, more accurate picture of transportation needs.

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