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Numbered Routes with Mile Points

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This maps show the numbered routes across the state with the mile points shown in one-mile increments. Both the functional classification and jurisdiction are available to identify the roadway type for each route. Each route number starts at mile point zero in the western or southern part of the route and ends on the northern or eastern terminus. If more than one route follows the same roadway, the higher order route would be displayed. For example, the Southeast Expressway has five routes (I-93, US 1, Route 3, Route 1A, and Route 3A), but the mile points would be displayed for I-93 only. 

Other Features Included

  • Exit Numbers
  • Municipal boundaries
  • Streams and Ponds
  • MassDOT Highway District boundaries

Geographic Areas Available (PDF Downloads)

Data Source

  • Road Inventory Year-end File - 2013


For a more detailed view of the road network, try our Road Inventory Interactive Map.

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