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Image of Massachusetts outilne with major roadsThe links on this page with bring you to variety of interactive maps that use various technologies. If you have any problems or questions with any of the applications, please Contact Us at the Office of Transportation Planning, GIS Services group and we will provide assistance in the use of these tools.

Bicycle Facilities

The Office of Transportation Planning (Planning) maintains the Bicycle Facilities Inventory (BFI) file in ArcGIS format and we have created this interactive web page providing access to the current year-end BFI File (2011). This map shows the available bicycle facilities throughout Massachusetts, as the well as the Bay State Greenway. If you would like to download this data or other related data, you can do so at the Bicycle Inventory Data page.

Top Crash Locations

The 'Top High Crash Intersection Locations' are based on a clustering of crashes that have been submitted to the statewide crash system at the Registry of Motor Vehicles and located to a geographical point. They have been ranked based on the weighting of the number and severity of crashes. This should only be used as an initial evaluation tool. To obtain details on the methodology used, the limitations of the data and/or a listing of textual data for the top crash locations, please contact or call 857-368-9636.It should be noted that the Top Crash Locations data was compiled under the authority of United States Code Title 23, Section 148(g)(4) which states that such data 'shall not be subject to discovery or admitted into evidence in a Federal or State court proceeding or considered for other purposes in any action for damages arising from any occurrence at a location identified or addressed in such reports, surveys, schedules, lists, or other data.

Outdoor Advertising

The National Highway System (NHS) Road Inventory Map was developed by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation's (MassDOT) Planning Department. Please note that all off-premise outdoor advertising displays within view of any public way require a permit from the Office of Outdoor Advertising (OOA). However, the roadways highlighted on this map are "Federally Controlled Routes" meaning they are under federal outdoor advertising control and therefore subject to the Federal/State Highway Agreement of 1971. All off-premise advertising within view of any public way including "Federally Controlled Routes" are required to conform to the 711 Code of Massachusetts Regulations (CMR) 3.0 et. seq. The following roads are able to be identified: NHS Interstate, NHS Terminal Connector, NHS STRAHNET Connector, NHS Other Road (include urban and rural principal arterial routes), Scenic By-way and other Non NHS roadways. This map is inclusive of the roads identified on the June 1, 1991 Federal-aid Primary System Map. This map has been confirmed by FHWA to include all roadways that the OOA should consider to be under FHWA control. Additionally, there is a search query available, whereby you may search active OOA inventory by sign type, municipality, permit holder, and the road the sign is intended to face. The information provided is believed to be accurate. However the contents may not be complete. For additional information, please  Contact Us, at the Office of Outdoor Advertising.

Park and Ride Lots

This map provides information on the Park & Ride Lots throughout the Commonwealth that are available for people wishing to carpool or van-pool to work. Commuter bus service is also available from many of the park-and-ride lots.

Road Inventory

The Office of Transportation Planning (Planning) maintains the Road Inventory file in ArcGIS format and we have created this interactive web page providing access to the current year-end Road Inventory File (2011). This map shows the most commonly requested Road Inventory attributes, Functional Classification, Jurisdiction, National Highway System, Federal Functional classification, and Federal-Aid Eligibility. If you would like to download this data or other related data, you can do so at the Road Inventory Data page.

State Highway Layouts

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation Highway Division Layout Section is providing this public interactive map as a service to make available record state highway layout information. Access is available to downloadable image files of State Highway Layout (SHLO) Plans and accompanying written instruments throughout Massachusetts. This Map shows the approximate location of the plan sheets of state highway layout plans and state highway alteration plans. This map is not intended to be used in any way to precisely locate the baseline or the sidelines of highway layouts. The highways shown on this map are the state highways under the jurisdiction of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation Highway Division. Other roadway layouts shown on this map are portions of county highways or portions of municipal roadways that may have been altered in conjunction with a state highway project.

Trucking Network

This interactive map displays the roadways that municipalities have excluded through travel of heavy commercial vehicles, usually vehicles over 5000 pounds (2 1/2 Tons). Further explanation of how a community may proceed in requesting a HCVE is outlined in Section 11A-9 of The Massachusetts Amendments to the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices and Standard Municipal Code.

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