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Graphic showing the MPO boundariesOverview

This polygon datalayer contains the 13 metropolitan planning regions in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Federal transportation regulations require the establishment of Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) in urbanized areas of 50,000 or more population to qualify for federal highway and transit funding. Massachusetts has ten MPOs each of which encompasses regional planning agency boundaries. Additionally, three non-metropolitan regions (Franklin, Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket) operate in similar fashion to the MPOs.

MPOs are comprised of state and regional representation such as the Massachusetts Highway Department and the Regional Transit Authority. In recent years, most MPOs have been expanded to include representation of mayors and selectmen.

The MPO is responsible for conducting transportation planning within its region and annually developing a Transportation Improvement Program which is a three to five year program of federally funded transportation projects. This document is required to be financially constrained i.e. programmed to the amount of federal funds anticipated in each year, and receive annual fiscal year approval by the Federal Highway and Federal Transit Administrations in order for Massachusetts to receive federal transportation funding.


The bounds of the metropolitan planning organizations were digitized from the MassGIS survey-level town boundaries.


his data is current as of September 2005.

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