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Road Inventory File Updating Process

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The Office of Transportation Planning is constantly updating the Road Inventory File (RIF) with the latest information available. Regional planning agencies, municipalities, MassDOT, and other agencies provide updates on a regular basis. With over 500,000 records in the file, we strive to keep it as current as practical. If a street name is misspelled or if a physical measurement such as the surface width is incorrect, we encourage file users to supply corrections. Since the RIF is used to calculate a percentage of the Chapter 90 funding that is allocated to each municipality, roadway mileage updates are also encouraged to ensure that each municipality receives their correct Chapter 90 apportionment.


For data corrections that do not affect mileage calculations, please mail your corrections to either your local regional planning agency, who will forward all changes to us, or directly to us by sending them to:

Office of Transportation Planning
10 Park Plaza, Suite 4150
Boston, MA 02116
Attention: Quinn Molloy

To aid in identifying roads with data errors, please provide the Route ID for each record that needs updating and, if possible, a screen capture showing the segment(s) in question. The NEWROADENTRYFORM.PDF, downloadable at the bottom of this page, can also be used to indicate data updates. For data corrections that DO affect mileage calculations, please follow the steps outlined below.


Road Inventory mileage updates require additional steps and documentation before the change can be accepted. For municipalities wishing to increase their accepted roadway mileage in the RIF, the municipality should follow these steps:


  • Download the NEWROADENTRYFORM.PDF shown below.
  • Complete the form for each new or revised municipal accepted road.
  • Prepare a package for each mileage change consisting of the completed newroadentryform, plus any town road accepted governmental approval(s), plus an illustration showing the road location. For more accurate mileage adjustments, please send a disk or CD containing a CAD-based file showing the new or adjusted road. In addition, please indicate the coordinate system in which the CAD file was created.
  • Mail the package to the following address:

Office of Transportation Planning
10 Park Plaza, Suite 4150
Boston, MA 02116
Attention: Kevin Lopes


The RIF entry form is available for download in Adobe Acrobat shown below:

 New Road Entry Form (PDF - 80 KB)

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