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Route 107 Corridor Study

Route 107 Corridor Study LogoThe Massachusetts Department of Transportation, in coordination with the Cities of Salem and Lynn, is conducting the Route 107 Corridor Study. This study will evaluate improvements to address existing issues and mitigate potential future impacts from new retail development along Route 107 from Boston Street in Salem to Chestnut Street in Lynn. MassDOT will analyze intersections along the corridor to assess how well they operate (delays, queuing, traffic signal design, and other deficiencies) and potential ways to improve them. Of particular interest are the intersections at Marlborough Road/Traders Way and Swampscott Road in Salem. These intersections experience heavy turning volumes and shifting of traffic, resulting in delays and operational inefficiencies. A plan for future transportation improvements (short-term, medium-term, and long-term), based on an alternatives analysis, will be the end result of this project.

What's New

Public Information Meetings for the Route 107 Corridor Study will be held on:

The same information will be presented at each meeting, so attendees may choose the most convenient date or location.

Please see the Documents tab for more information from the Public Information Meeting and past Working Group meetings. To receive project information and hear about upcoming meetings, please sign up to receive email updates.

Project Contact

  • For questions and comments related to the study, please contact:

    Michael Clark
    Route 107 Corridor Study Project Manager
    (857) 368-9800
    TTY: (857) 368-0655
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