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Kendall Square Mobility

Kendall Square Mobility Task Force

About The Task Force

Now led by the City of Cambridge, The Kendall Square Mobility Task Force will examine mobility issues and possible solutions in the Kendall Square area of Cambridge. In recent years, the City of Cambridge, MassDOT, the MBTA, institutions, and private organizations have documented the need for improved mobility in Kendall Square through a series of studies and initiatives. The existing mobility issues and deficiencies identified through these processes, coupled with planned growth in Kendall Square and East Cambridge, have created a need to develop a transportation strategy to address local and regional mobility needs and mitigate potential future impacts.

Over the past decade, Kendall Square has seen dramatic growth. Nearly 1,000 units of housing have been built and occupied since 2010. In addition, nearly five million square feet of development has been recently completed or is in the pipeline. Despite this rapid expansion of new development, the number of automobile trips has declined on major streets, as more commuters chose to travel by public transit, shared ride, bicycle, or on foot. Even with these promising trends in both development and mode shift, stakeholders in Kendall Square and the broader East Cambridge community are concerned that both trends could abate if the transportation system serving Kendall becomes overburdened.

Under this new leadership, the Kendall Square Mobility Task Force will work to identify projects and policy initiatives in support of the continued success of Kendall. These projects and initiatives will be technically and financially achievable over the short, medium, and long-term horizons. The Task Force will consider the capacity of connections into and within the Kendall area.

Upcoming Meetings/Projected Schedule

The City of Cambridge will hold the next Task Force public meeting in early October, date TBD.

The City of Cambridge will provide additional opportunities to learn more about the Task Force and its work. Please see the City of Cambridge website for updates.

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