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Everett Transit Action Plan

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The City of Everett is home to a diverse and rapidly growing population of more than 42,000 residents. At just over three square miles in size, it is one of the most densely populated cities in the Commonwealth. Yet, despite being less than two miles from downtown Boston, Everett is almost unique among municipalities inside of Route 128 in lacking direct access to rapid transit, commuter rail, the Key Bus Network, or even direct bus connections to central Boston.

By itself, Everett’s existing demand for public transportation service warrants a review of current MBTA bus services—the legacy of a route network that has remained largely unchanged for decades. But several recent planning initiatives in and around the City have made a comprehensive analysis of future needs and how best to serve them even more imperative.

The Wynn Casino development and planning efforts underway in the Lower Broadway and Commercial Triangle areas envision a dramatic reshaping of industrial property in the City’s southern neighborhoods. An effective transit plan will help support these changing land uses and spur economic growth in a way that capitalizes on Everett’s proximity to downtown Boston and leverages its own opportunities and potential.

Throughout this planning process, MassDOT will work with the community to identify, evaluate, and advance near and long-term solutions for improved transit service for the residents and workers of Everett.

What's New:

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Everett Transit Action Plan! The Final Report is now available on the Documents page.

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For all queries and comments related to the Everett Transit Action Plan, please contact:

Jennifer Slesinger
Everett Transit Action Plan Project Manager
tty: (857) 368-0655

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