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Final Report

Study Recommendations and Implementation Plan

Proposed Beyond Boston Initiatives

After a review of RTA service and financial information, and with the input received through the Advisory Committee process as well as through dozens of hours of interviews with RTA staff and other stakeholders, a series of 10 initiatives were identified as having the potential to improve the provision of public transportation service in the Commonwealth. These 10 initiatives are presented below. Each document identifies a specific issue, reviews best practices observed both in Massachusetts and in other states, and proposes a set of potential actions to address these issues. For the Advisory Committee discussion of these initiative documents, please see the summaries from the February 10, March 27, and April 11 meetings.

  1. Service Guidelines
  2. Service Planning
  3. Data Reporting
  4. Public Information
  5. Contracting Practices
  6. Capital Planning
  7. Additional Funding
  8. Funding Process
  9. Cross Border Collaboration
  10. MassDOT RTA Relationship

Civic Engagement Plan

Advisory Committee Documents

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