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This is an exciting time for passenger rail in New England! Several routes currently are being studied. And rail infrastructure improvements that will result in increased and better service are underway. The following activities, some overlapping but coordinated with the Northern New England Intercity Rail Initiative are currently occurring:

New Haven-Hartford-Springfield Rail Program www.nhhsrail.comThe Connecticut Department of Transportation has initiated a program to improve track, stations and service in the New Haven-Hartford-Springfield rail corridor. A significant amount of the corridor will be upgraded between the New Haven and Hartford Stations by 2016, resulting in regular commuter trains serving these cities and stations in between.

Northeast Corridor Study this is a comprehensive planning effort to define, evaluate and prioritize future investments in the Northeast Corridor (NEC), launched by the Federal Railroad Administration in February 2012. The Federal Railroad Administration’s work will include new ideas and approaches to grow the region's intercity commuter and freight rail services and the completion of an environmental evaluation of proposed transportation alternatives. The NEC, the 457-mile rail transportation spine of the Northeast region, carries trains between Boston and Washington and is the most heavily traveled rail corridor in the country.

Vermont's infrastructure upgrades The FRA investment of almost $73 million in HSIPR Recovery Act funds, coupled with $5 million in private investment from New England Central Railroad, allowed the State of Vermont to improve track, roadbed, grade crossings, and bridges along 190 miles of the route in Vermont. The project has resulted in nearly 30 minutes in travel time savings, along with increased speeds, greater reliability, and the potential for additional train frequencies in the future. Also, the strengthening and repair of bridges along this route has improved safety and freight capacity

Knowledge Corridor-Restore Vermonter The FRA investment of $72.8 million in HSIPR Recovery Act funds is supporting the reconstruction of 50 miles of track that includes installing of new rail in the main track plus improvements at all grade crossing and two new station platforms at Northampton and Greenfield, MA. These improvements allow Amtrak's Vermonter service to operate on a more direct route, serve more customers, and reduce trip times. While Amtrak’s Vermonter began operations on the Knowledge Corridor in December 2014, construction activities on the corridor are ongoing to improve reliability and train performance.

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