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For Immediate Release: 08/13/2014
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The People Have Spoken: MassDOT Selects #DOTspeak Safety Messages

BOSTON – Thursday, August 14, 2014 – MassDOT Secretary & CEO Richard Davey and Highway Administrator Frank DePaola today announced the winners of the #DOTspeak Highway Message Board Contest.  After receiving hundreds of entries, MassDOT has selected three winners from the social media contest that solicited creative messages on how to combat road rage, distracted driving, and encourage seatbelt use.    


“We received some very creative, thoughtful and funny message suggestions,” said MassDOT Secretary & CEO Richard A. Davey. “I encourage people to continue to engage with us – you’re our eyes and ears on the road, and we rely on you to help keep the roads safe.”

In June, MassDOT launched the #DOTspeak contest to solicit ideas from the public for creative ways to remind drivers about proper driving behavior and improve safety for all roadway users.  Over 500 entries were received from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and email. 

 “With the ‘Use Yah Blinkah’ sign, we got people’s attention,” said MassDOT Highway Administrator DePaola.  “By changing the routine messages, we hope to bring a new light to important public safety messages that sometimes may be overlooked.”

The winning messages will be displayed on hundreds of message boards across the Commonwealth during some of the busiest travel periods of the year:

  • Road Rage Winner (August 15-18 -- a top 10 travel weekend based on 2013 toll data)

         “Keep Calm and Drive On” submitted by Patrick Casey, of Allston, MA

  • Distracted Driving Winner (Labor Day Weekend)

         “Put down the phone!   Your LOLs and OMGs can wait.” Submitted by Justin Lovell, of Whitman, MA

  • Seatbelt Use Winner (Columbus Day Weekend)

         “Make yah Ma proud, wear yah seatbelt” submitted by The Parent’s Supervised Driving Program team of Safe Roads Alliance


MassDOT would like to thank our service plaza partners who provided gift cards to all of the winners.  Each winner will be sent gift cards from Gulf, Burger King, Dunkin Donuts, Exxon Mobil, and McDonald’s.


In 2009, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) was created to unify the state’s various transportation agencies. MassDOT now includes the Highway Division, the MBTA and Rail Transit Division, the Aeronautics Division, and the Registry of Motor Vehicles.  MassDOT is committed to providing a safe and reliable transportation system to all those who travel in the Commonwealth and works to deliver excellent customer service. MassDOT has been nationally recognized for its innovative approach to transportation, including the Accelerated Bridge Program, the “Where’s My Bus and Train?” apps and “Fast 14” work.  For more information, visit MassDOT at our website:  blog:, or follow MassDOT on twitter at and Facebook at




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