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Interstate 91 Viaduct Rehabilitation Project


Overnight Closure of I-91 South, February 15

MassDOT will close I-91 South at Exit 7 from 7:00 PM on Thursday, February 15, to 3:00 AM on Friday, February 16. This closure is necessary to allow the contractor to safely and effectively conduct construction operations.

Signs will be in place indicating the detour routes listed below:

  • To continue to I-91 South: Take Exit 7 and merge onto West Columbus Avenue. Continue onto Hall of Fame Avenue. After passing Union Street, use the left lane to merge onto the on-ramp to I-91 South.
  • For downtown destinations: Take Exit 7 and merge onto West Columbus Avenue. Follow the normal detour signage to destinations in the downtown area.

Please note that access from I-291 West to I-91 South will remain open during this time.

MassDOT advises drivers to plan for additional travel time through this area. Those traveling through the area should follow the reduced speed limits and use caution.

Intermittent Single Lane Closures on East and West Columbus Avenue

Through September 2018, MassDOT will implement intermittent single lane closures on East and West Columbus Avenue between State Street and Clinton Street. The closures may occur between 7:00 AM and 3:00 PM, and occasionally overnight between 7:00 PM and 5:00 AM. They are necessary for bridge drainage installation, painting, and barrier work. No detour routes are required.

I-91 Lane and Ramps Reopened Ahead of Schedule

MassDOT reopened the following lane and ramps ahead of schedule in November and December 2017:

  • Birnie Avenue Connector on-ramp to West Columbus Avenue
  • Exit 6 off-ramp from I-91 South (to Union Street)
  • Union Street on-ramp to I-91 North
  • Exit 7 off-ramp from I-91 South (to Hall of Fame Ave/Downtown Springfield)
  • West Columbus Avenue on-ramp to I-91 South
  • Additional Lane on I-91 South
  • Additional Lane on I-91 North
  • State Street on-ramp to I-91 North

These ramps were closed in December 2015 for safety and operational reasons, and to expedite construction. They were originally scheduled to reopen in Spring 2018.

MassDOT permanently closed Temporary Exit 7-6 from I-91 South in November 2017. This temporary exit was opened in December 2015 to provide access during Stages 1 and 2 of construction.

The 40 miles per hour (MPH) reduced speed limit in the construction zone (and 45 MPH limit approaching the zone) will continue to be enforced by State Police monitoring the area and fines are doubled. These limits will be in place for the duration of the project. View a map showing where the reduced speed limits are in effect.

Other Restrictions

During construction, the north entrance to the North Parking Garage below the Viaduct is closed. The north exit remains open, but only right turns are permitted out of the garage, providing access onto East Columbus Avenue.

Traffic Mitigation

MassDOT has undertaken significant planning to improve traffic flow during the ramp and lane closures. Working with the City of Springfield, MassDOT developed detour plans and local improvements, as well as a comprehensive monitoring program of key corridors and intersections. Signs direct drivers to many Springfield destinations. The traffic plan is constantly updated based on ongoing monitoring. In addition, traffic mitigation includes:

  • Police details at critical intersections during peak periods
  • Monitoring cameras tied into the City of Springfield's system
  • Real Time Traffic Management System signage, known as RTTM
  • Incident Response Operations in case of a breakdown on the viaduct
  • Aid provided to emergency responders for efficient responses

Traffic Resources

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  • Check out other MassDOT Traffic and Travel Resources.
  • Find information for alternative modes of travel
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