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Caveats regarding entries under Date

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Historic Bridge Inventory

The dates given in this list under Date refer to the construction date of the oldest surviving superstructure elements of the principal span(s) of the bridge. This differs from the dating system used in MassHighway's computerized database, which gives the date of the earliest surviving element of the bridge, whether superstructure or substructure, as the date of the bridge's construction.

The annotations following the single year date:

  • ? indicates considerable uncertainty
  • c indicates a date range of perhaps 5-10 years
  • r indicates a single-year date reported by one or more sources of uncertain reliability
  • ps indicates "possibly," or a low degree of certainty
  • pr indicates "probably," or a moderate degree of certainty
  • + indicates the bridge has been significantly altered at least once
  • ++ indicates the bridge has been significantly altered more than once.
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