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Fee Schedule

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E-ZPass MA Program

The following fee schedule provides current fee amounts, as referred to in the "ETC Program Terms and Conditions." The fee amounts are subject to change at any time.

  • New transponders provided at no cost
  • Account and transaction information available on-line at no cost.
  • Lost/Stolen, Damaged or Defaced Transponder Fee - Actual Manufacturer's Cost.
  • Returned Check Fee - $25.00
  • Video Toll ("V-Toll") Administrative Fee up to $1.00
  • Violation Fine - $50.00
  • Violation Administrative/Late Fees - $5.00 to $20.00
  • Violation RMV Non-Renewal "Marking Fee" - $20.00 (if violation not paid or appealed within 60 days)
  • Statement Fee:
    One-Time Special Request Mailed or Faxed:
    $3.00 (available for up to 6 prior months)
  • Monthly Mailed Statements:
    $2.00/month for paper statements (Private Accounts)
    $5.00/month for paper statements (Commercial Accounts)


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