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What is All Electronic Tolling (AET)?

All Electronic Tolling (AET) is a form of toll collection that allows drivers to pay their toll without stopping or slowing down. AET is safer, quicker, and more convenient for our customers.

How does this system work?

There is an overhead toll collection system mounted to a gantry, a frame structure raised on side supports over the roadway.

As a motorist travels under the gantry system, either
• an E-ZPass transponder is read and the toll is automatically charged to the E-ZPass account that the transponder is registered to
• or a photo of the license plate is taken and the registered owner of the vehicle receives a PAY BY PLATE MA invoice in the mail. Commercial customers will also see a 50 cent surcharge per toll.

AET on the Tobin Memorial Bridge

Tolls are now collected electronically; motorists no longer need to stop at a toll booth to pay cash for their toll or slow down to pass through an E-ZPass lane.

E-ZPass customers will notice that travel through an AET toll zone will not provide the traffic light that indicates; "Thank You", "Call E-ZPass" or "Low Bal". Please ensure your E-ZPass account is always current.


A PAY BY PLATE MA invoice is mailed to the registered owner of a vehicle traveling on a Massachusetts AET roadway without an E-ZPass transponder.

Several payment options are provided, including paying on-line and cash payments using self-service kiosks with cashier assistance at retail cash payment locations. (A convenience fee of $2.95 per PAY BY PLATE MA invoice payment will be charged for cash payments.)

To pay online, you will need your Invoice and License Plate numbers. If you have lost your PAY BY PLATE MA Invoice, contact the PAY BY PLATE MA Customer Service Center at 1-877-627-7745, select option #1 then option #9.

PAY BY PLATE MA Invoice/Fee Schedule

This invoice/fee schedule lists the invoices that will be issued and fee amounts that apply for private passenger vehicles if the initial invoice is not paid on time:

1. First invoice. Toll payment due 30 days from date of invoice. $3.00 fee for each toll transaction.

2. Past Due invoice. An additional 30 days to pay toll, balance from First invoice due, no additional late fees.

3. Notice of Non Payment. Invoice is 61-90 days old, $50.00 fee assessed per overdue toll transaction. Total fees of $53.00 due for each overdue toll transaction.

4. Second Notice of Non Payment. Invoice is 91-120 days old, payment due in 30 days from date of invoice, balance from first Notice of Non Payment invoice due, no additional late fees.

5. Notice of Liability. Invoice is over 120 days past original due date. Total fees assessed are $53 from Notice of Non Payment plus a $20 Notice of Liability fee and a $20 RMV fee per transaction. $93.00 in fees owed for each overdue toll transaction.

The fee amounts are subject to change at any time.

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